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Friendship Cup


Next Cup:  Sunday December 2nd  |  9am-1pm

For all parents (and any adults over 21). Join us for a fun day of soccer and a family BBQ. Proceeds support America SCORES "soccer for all kids" program. 

Where: Beach Chalet Athletic Fields, San Francisco

Divisions: Competitive and Recreation Co-ed Division. 

Teams come from schools, pick up groups, workplace, or soccer clubs.  Form your team today!  

Tournament details below.  




The Friendship Cup Soccer Tournament began as a fundraiser that gave parents with kids attending the same schools a chance to demonstrate school pride in the context of friendly competition and sportsmanship.  It has since evolved into a tournament for all parents who enjoy the game, want to support the cause, and respect the referees. Some teams are formed by a group of parents from one school and other teams combine from a variety of organizations like soccer clubs, leagues, and pick-up groups. 

While the parents take to the field, the kids will be on the sideline supporting and cheering for their parents. Kids who have experience as referees or who participate in a training by America SCORES, officiate the games- RESPECT THE REFS.

This Fall's tournament proceeds will go toward our STAY IN THE GAME program, which provides middle school students continued access to SCORES programming. Every player registration fee will cover the cost of at least one SCORES middle school poet-athlete for at least one season.

When you play, they play.

Tournament Basics:

  • Guaranteed 3 - 30 minute games of 8 aside.

  • 2 divisions: Open Competitive or Co-ed Recreational.

  • Maximum of 14 per roster.

  • Games are played on half regulation sized fields with full size goals.

  • No slide tackling, no off-sides

  • Kids will referee the games. No arguing any calls.

  • You must be 21 or older to play.

  • Sliding scale registration starting from $75.

  • A BBQ and/or catered lunch is included with your registration and for your kids.

  • All proceeds benefit the America SCORES "Stay in the Game" program.

This event is a very family friendly tournament. Weather permitting, there will be kids activities, a BBQ and/or catered lunch included, a skills clinic, and space to play.  Fun provided by America SCORES, but parents are responsible for their kids supervision.

Inline with the mission of the event, the Friendship Cup has two trophies: one for the team that wins the championship game and one for the team that raises the most money and makes the most impact for the youth of the America SCORES program. 

When you play, SCORES Kids play! 

For more info or questions, contact Angela Bailey at 415-609-4152 or