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Childhood has NO Second Chances


VISION. We wholeheartedly believe all kids should experience flat-out joy, deep human connection, and should be fully prepared to navigate the future. We believe in a Bay Area rich with meaningful opportunities for all children:  teams to play on; outlets for creative and physical expression; and pathways to develop their own voices. We believe all kids should get early opportunities to experience community engagement. 

MISSION. We're passionate about delivering transformational and spirited after-school enrichment programs focused on whole-child health. We believe in engaging students' minds and bodies. And we know doing some helps enormously, helping them lead healthy lives, building their confidence and character; and measurably improving academic and social skills as engaged learners.



Colin Schmidt
Founder and CEO

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Where We've Been

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ASBA 2020 Campaign

Where We're Going


Over the next few years we are on mission to grow participation numbers by 50%, install 100,000 square feet of new fields on asphalt playgrounds, and build our core infrastructure for future expansion to new regions.

For more information, please contact Colin Schmidt, CEO at cschmidt@americascores.org.  

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How was America SCORES started?


America SCORES was born out of a simple observation and a pragmatic, inspired move. In 1994, Julie Kennedy, a public school teacher in Washington, DC., grew increasingly concerned that her students were engaging in high-risk behavior after school. And she knew that behavior would lead nowhere good. So she did something breathtakingly simple. She brought in a soccer ball to keep her students moving and engaged. The power of the game. 

Before long, Julie had a soccer team on her hands - all girls.  They met on school grounds and she supervised. When winter arrived, she added something new and unexpected: poetry. She introduced poetry through team-based activities, and quickly recognized that the girls were developing new skills and confidence. That was translating into heightened academic achievement in the classroom. An unlikely and highly effective model was born. 

America SCORES has replicated that model in 15 U.S., cities, doing so for both girls and boys. 

Colin Schmidt got wind of the SCORES model while living in Denver, CO in the late 1990s. He was enchanted, enough so that upon moving to San Francisco at the crest of the dot-com boom, he began working as a volunteer to raise funds to found and launch the Bay Area affiliate of America SCORES in 2001. Colin Schmidt has served as CEO of America SCORES Bay Area ever since. 

America SCORES Bay Area now proudly serves more than 1,400 children at 55 low-income elementary and middle schools in San Francisco.  And we have plans to continue to grow by 20% per year.  Our driving passion is to provide more support and opportunities to children who can benefit the most.  


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