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How to Become a SCORES School


Step 1

3-5 months before start of program.

If you are interested in hosting SCORES at your school or afterschool program, please email ymorales@americascores.org.

We are looking to expand program locations and to add teams to our existing regional clusters. Because SCORES implementation involves budgeting and staffing, please budget 3-5 months before the start of the fall or spring season to work out program logistics.

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Step 2

1-2 months prior to start of season.

Once a contract or memo of understanding (MOU) has been worked out between the site and SCORES (Step 1), we move to program implementation.

During the pre-season period, we confirm schedules and staffing, and we conduct coach trainings. At this point, you'll be introduced to your program manager who will provide custom, on-site support during the season.

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Step 3

During the season.

Each season features soccer practices and interscholastic games, as well as a supplemental or "plus" curricula like poetry, service-learning, or leadership skills.

Teams meet two or three times per week for soccer, and one or two times per week for writing workshops. Seasons also feature special events like poetry slams to showcase student work off the field.


Step 4

Season after season!

Most of our school-site partners stay with us year after year, allowing students to participate on SCORES teams from 1st through 8th grades.

At the end of the school year, be sure to plan ahead for SCORES to return to your school come Fall.



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