Sparking engaged learning through sport & Wordplay


SCORES programming is designed to allow every child to feel safe, supported, challenged, and open to the thrills of creative and physical expression within an engaged community. 

America SCORES participants had an increased level of physical activity, increased reporting of feelings of self-confidence, self-efficacy, and enjoyment in learning, increased reporting of reading enjoyment and longer time reading independently, and gains in writing achievement.
— White House Report on Childhood Obesity
Never in my 32 years in public schools have I seen children respond so well to writing...and what’s more, SCORES helps build bridges across racial and ethnic boundaries.
— Faye Anderson, Former School Principle


what we provide

Structured Year-long Programs

For Elementary & Middle Schools

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  1. US Soccer Foundation “Soccer for Success” Curricula

  2. Training & ongoing support for coaches

  3. Management of Interscholastic SCORES League

  4. Soccer equipment for participants: jerseys, balls, etc.

  5. Supplemental Game Day services: Book Giveaways, Family Nutrition Workshops

  6. Patches, Awards, and Recognition

Poetry + Service Learning

  1. Research-based curricula

  2. Teacher training and support

  3. Writing supplies: Journals, pencils, stickers

  4. Special Events: Poetry Slams, Shout events

  5. Additional showcase opportunities: Radio poets, publications, etc.




Partnership Underscores Everything

SCORES works in deep collaboration with schools and  “lead agency” partners to create each school's SCORES program. It's a team approach from the very start.  With SCORES guidance, schools assemble teaching teams of writing coaches and soccer coaches.  Students take part in all components of the program - writing, soccer, service learning - as part of a SCORES team.  

Partner Host Sites Provide

  1. Staff member(s) to coach the team for practices, writing workshops, and Game Days

  2. A field or play yard and classroom space to conduct practice and classes

  3. A Fee for Service of about 25% of the total direct cost to run the program