Boom, Boom, BOON!

Boon Supply Co.'s partnership is a BOON for America Scores Bay Area. Shop with Purpose!

Boon Supply Co.'s partnership is a BOON for America Scores Bay Area. Shop with Purpose!


The thing about life is that it generally necessitates acquiring a certain amount of material things. Everyday essentials that make life run a little smoother. And it’s more fun if those practical everyday goods are not only affordably priced, but also fun, stylish, and eco-friendly, because why not make life sunnier?

But what if you could buy what you need and direct 50% to a cause you’re passionate about? Why not link your heart to your wallet? Why not democratize philanthropy and make it easier and more accessible to far more people? You can!

That’s precisely the idea behind Boon Supply Co., which has partnered with America Scores Bay Area and an array of other organizations, charities, and fundraisers. Boon Supply offers more than 200 everyday essentials spanning four products lines: bags, organization, kitchen, and outdoor living. Most products are priced under $25. And a full 50% of every item sold goes to the buyer’s choice of recipient. To date, Boon Supply Co. has donated $80 million to participating nonprofits, schools, and other causes. 



America SCORES Bay Area is running two Boon Supply Co. campaigns.

One for SCORES in San Francisco and one for SCORES in San Rafael.


Boon Supply Co. was dreamed up by serial entrepreneur Lily Kanter, the co-founder of Serena & Lily and Mill Valley Baby & Kids Co. Kanter is also the founder of the philanthropic network Social Venture Partners.  The SF SCORES drive hopes to raise $2500 to support America SCORES Bay Area’s Field of Dreams campaign -- transforming dozens of asphalt playground into soccer fields for over 10,000 low-income kids in San Francisco. The San Rafael SCORES drive is gunning for $1000 to provide free high-quality afterschool programming - soccer, poetry, and service learning -  to students at multiple San Rafael elementary schools: Bahia Vista, Davidson, Short, San Pedro, and Venetia Valley. Let’s blast through those goals!

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Jenny Griffin