Poet-Athlete Bridgette Makes US National Team


Bridgette's poem "ME" shows how she overcame bullying to be herself and to realize her dreams. Watch how SCORES helped this poet-athlete find her way to the US Women's U14 National Team.


By Bridgette Marin

Today I feel like a balloon going free

That when I’m blind, I can actually see

I’m a diamond so shiny, so bright

That I’m like the sun showing all the light.

Today I’m a free land

So free, that I’m a new brand

I feel like a bank with money

So rich, that I’m as sweet as honey!!!

I feel like going round and around

that I’m never going down

I feel like a bird making sweet sounds

That if I get lost, I will for sure be found.

When I’m happy

I’m a perfect circle

That never have gaps!!

I am perfect,

Just the way I am.