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SCORES Alum makes US National Team

With her ER Taylor Teammates and Coach Manny

With her ER Taylor Teammates and Coach Manny


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Student Poems


Where I’m From

By Alexis Orozco | Paul Revere Elementary

I am from the Mexican culture.

I am from the sweet corn tamales.

I am from the sweet papayas. 

I am from all the Mexican smells.

I am from dancing puppets.

I am from fresh cut peaches. 

I am from red, white, and green.

I am from Paul Revere. 

I am from a black and white ball.

Alexis Orozco

Alexis Orozco


By Sandra Mendoza | Junipero Serra Elementary

Love is the feeling inside your heart.

When you are around your family or friends.

It is like biting into a sweet strawberry

Love is all on your heart

Your heart is what keeps you flowing in the day.

Having someone to love

Is important

So you will have someone to count on

When you are having a problem

Sandra Mendoza

Sandra Mendoza


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